How To Apply for US Business Visa

How To Apply for US Business Visa. Do you know you can visit the United State of America through US Business Visa? However, it is necessary to know and understand what US Business Visa, US Business Visa Validity, and how to its application.

Foreigners that apply for United State Business Visa can only perform the following functions or activities in the US; attend scientific, educational professional or business convention or conferences, they can also negotiate contracts, go for business exhibition, settle an estate and consult business associates and partners.

What is US Business Visa (B1 Visa)

US Business Visa is a type of Visa that is basically for foreigners that want to visit the United State for a short period of time and mainly for business reasons.

  1. Attend conferences, educational, professional, or business conventions or conferences.
  2. Settle an estate.
  3. Negotiate contracts.
  4. Consult with US business associates.

The Requirement for US Business Visa

To qualify for the B1 visa, the following criteria must be ascertained;

Other necessary things that you need to know about US Business Visa are;

How to Apply for US Business Visa

Now, let show you how to apply for US Business Visa. Applying for B1 Visa is not as difficult as you believe, all you need to do is to follow the processes of application that will be discussed in detail below. However, you need to know that all United States business visa applicants are interviewed by a US Department of State Consulate. The US business application process are;

  1. Fill the US Business Visa Online Application Form; Fill the online application (DS160) form through this link US Business Visa Online Form
  2. Take a Photograph for B1 Visa.
  3. Pay for US Business Visa Fee.
  4. Schedule Visa Interview Appointment.
  5. Business Visa Fingerprint.
  6. Attend the B1 Visa Interview.
US Business Visa Validity

The US Business visa validity is 6 months duration, it is expected that you should have carried out all your business-related activities on or before the valid period. After the expiration of the valid date, you are expected to return to your country. However, you can extend the duration if you still have unfinished business remaining, you will be requested to apply for B1 Visa Extension.

USA Business Visa Processing Time

The US business visa processing time is not the same for all applicants, application is treated base on how and the time it was applied. Also, the time frame also depends on the workload of the US Embassy, the processing period can be an interval of some weeks or months for the US business visa to be ready.

US Business Visa Documents

The following documents must be provided during the online application, you are required to provide all the necessary information.

  1. The Form DS-160 confirmation page and code.
  2. The interview confirmation page.
  3. A photograph that complies with the US Visa photo requirements.
  4. If you have visited the US before, bring documents relevant to your prior visits.
  5. Financial or bank statements to ascertain if you can be able to stay.
  6. Ties to your home country such as family, job contract, lease, or property deed, which prove you will return.
  7. A letter from authorities stating that you are not an ex-convict.
  8. Also, a letter describing the reason why you are traveling.
  9. Bring a letter from your employer and payslips for the last three months, If you have work.
  10. Ties to your home country such as family, job contract, lease, or property deed, which prove you will return.
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